Monday 30 November 2015

Seattle Part Three: Pike Place Market

Pike Place Market: hands down my favourite place in Seattle. We went here everyday. 

THE famous Pike Place Fish Co. Yes, they still throw the fish around. 
Notice the Seahawks hat? Seattle is CRAZY about the Seahawks; each storefront has a poster or something Seahawks-related. 
Of course we had to go to Starbucks. They sell some special roasts here that are not sold anywhere else. Too bad I don't drink coffee. 
This is not the original location though (we thought it was but nope); this is the location on Pike and 1st.
I feel right at home here. Would love to have something like this near where I live. 
Really cool vibe. 
Never seen this before; would be tasty roasted with potatoes or something. 
Lot of people with awesome beards in Seattle. Can't miss it. 
Chanterelles--not to mention the apples here are the bomb, especially honey crisp apples that are larger than your fist. 
The quality and variety of produce here is mesmerizing. 
Fresh flowers. 
We were trying to find somewhere to sit and came across this walkway. 
Quite a nice view from here. 
This stuff is REALLY GOOD. I got the beef and onion piroshky and it was great (a little salty for some of you though). I also tried the potato one, really good too. They have a good happy hour deal where all piroshkies are $3. 
Huevos rancheros from Los Agaves Street Mexican Food in Pike Place Market. Wow, one of the best things I had in Seattle. 
Giant char siu "hum bow" from Mee Sum Pastry. Freshly baked! Probably the best char siu bun I've ever had. 
Ada's fancy coffee. 
Really love this picture. 
Ellenos Greek yogurt--also great and you can try before you buy. The passionfruit one is especially good. 
Now this is the original Starbucks. Got my parents a $35 bag of Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee. 
Would love to have these. 
We actually had sunshine on this day! So lovely. 
Of course, this is mandatory. 
Pike Place Chowder is totally worth it. We got the sampler for $12.95 where you can get your choice of any four chowders. The clear winner is their signature New England Clam Chowder, hands down. THE perfect clam chowder and the best I have ever had. I think we also got the Manhattan style chowder, seafood bisque and scallop chowder. 
And now, we go to the complete opposite of delicious to disgusting--the Gum Wall alley.
Om nom nom, half chewed gum everywhere. A germophobe would take a step here and run away in seconds (or faint). 
Good thing we went here though because all the gum is getting scraped off to give the bricks a break. Doesn't mean that they won't start again though!

Bonus selfies (courtesy of Ada):



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