Monday, 29 December 2014

Tony & Clarissa - Autumn

Tony & Clarissa decided to have another shoot in autumn, so here we go! This time we aimed for a more urban feel so we headed over to downtown Toronto. 
I liked these arches so we decided to stop by and shoot there!
Next stop, University of Toronto!
I broke out my Sigma 35mm 1.4 lens in this shoot. It's a wonderful lens.
Sharpness galore!
Thank you Ancella for throwing the leaves to make this shot possible :P
I don't know why but my camera had trouble getting the focus right on wider shots. 
I need to investigate whether this is a camera issue or lens issue.
The skies opened up and it was the most wonderful light! It was hard to catch though. 
One cannot stand in the middle of the street and just take pictures in downtown Toronto. 
You will be killed. 
Though this one worked out nicely...had to wait til the lights turned red. 
It took many attempts to get this shot right. This was the best one out of the bunch!

I hope you enjoyed the shots. I didn't write much on the captions this time around. I don't think 
this is the last time you'll see these two in my blog. Maybe a winter and spring photo shoot is to come? Completing the four seasons would be cool!



Tony & Clarissa - Summer

Hello there! Back in September I did an engagement shoot for my friends Tony & Clarissa. We did two photoshoots, one in the summer and one in the fall. On this shoot we went to Hilton Falls in Milton, Ontario. 
The trail to Hilton Falls is lined with tall, dense trees. It can be difficult to get handheld shots without boosting ISO. My 40D isn't the greatest noise performer so understandably, some of the pictures were grainy.  
I've known Tony & Clarissa for a long time. I was very happy when they announced their engagement! 
They are an adorable couple. 
People always say "don't shoot into the sun" but I do it all the time. 
Why so serious? 
I'm not the greatest at posing people. I really love candids though! 
 I love it when a couple shares laughter and smiles together! It is a good sign of things to come!
The simplest gesture. 
Finally at the Hilton Falls! 
It is not the biggest waterfall out there so it is still safe to go down to the gorge area to take pictures. I've also been there in the winter, it is very beautiful also! 
 Attempted a long exposure to blur out the water. 
 As we head back on the trail to the parking area, it got pretty dark--almost pitch black actually. I pulled out the flash to attempt some back-lighting. 
Last shot of the night. It turned out quite cool as the insects were lit up by the flash!

I had a fantastic experience with Tony & Clarissa. The next shoot took place in autumn. Check out the next post!