Monday 30 November 2015

Seattle Part Two: Chihuly Gardens & Glass

Since we're already around the Seattle Center area, we decided to pay this place a visit. It is the #1 recommended place on TripAdvisor so we figured, it must be good. Admission is $22 for adults and it opens Sunday - Thursday from 11am to 6pm. Friday and Saturday the hours are 11am-7pm. 
This gallery features the amazing glass works of Dale Chihuly. a Tacoma native and artistic genius. 
Very unique pieces on display. 
This was definitely my favourite piece. 
Because we're healthcare workers, this sculpture reminded us of a massive blood clot (not necessarily a bad thing though). 
Look at the colours!
Pretty awesome. 
"Hey Ada, can you walk that way and then walk back?"
"OK May, your turn."
I'm not usually a gift shop person but they had some pretty cool stuff. Loved the packaging on it.
Cool bonsai starter kit.

Bonus (creds to Ada):

This place is truly a "must go" when in Seattle, even if you're not an artsy person! It really shows the personality of the city and the people living in it. 



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