Monday 30 November 2015

Seattle Part One: An Afternoon Stroll

It's about time that I go off travelling solo (without my family). As I had some fellow x-ray tech friends Ada and May, living in BC and Alberta respectively, I figured that Seattle would be a good meeting place for us. I took my ONA Bowery bag around the city with my Fuji X100. That's it. So here we go--this will be a multi-part series on out adventures in Seattle (4 nights, 5 days). 
That is one cool bench. 
We came across this random elephant on a fence post. It was gone the next day. 
This is Ada posing in front of a lamp store.
On this little outing, we aimed for Kerry Park. The park promises to show a great view of the city. 
Of course, there will be pictures of the Space Needle. 
We had to climb up this hill to get to the park. It doesn't look like much until you're actually on it. 
I was pleasantly surprised when I saw lots of greenery around the city. Wished it was like that in Ontario. 
"Look, is that celery??" "Ada no, that's rhubarb."
Giant leaves probably produced by the copious amount of rain that comes down here. 
These boots hurt like hell. Will always buy boots a size larger from now on.
Is this someone's house? Reminds me of the Fresh Prince's house. 
The community near Kerry Park is extremely posh and nice. Dang. 
Ya ok, I wouldn't mind living here. 
The view. It was cloudy (a usual thing in these parts). 
Hay May!
Very picturesque place to live in. 
So much green, everywhere!
Taking pics in front of the Key Arena before heading to Chihuly Gardens. 

Bonus photos (thanks to Ada):




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