Monday 4 January 2016

Olympic National Park

As part of our Seattle trip (see previous posts), we went to Olympic National Park for a day trip. My friends and I left Seattle at about 5 a.m. to drive all the way to the park. I was definitely in my element here; loved everything I saw in this place! Thanks to Ada for planning this leg of the trip and driving all the way there and back!

When we started the journey, it was pitch black. It was nice to see the daylight when it came and it was awesome to see the morning fog on the road. 
Sun comes up. 
Olympic mountains looming. 
The Santa Fe that we rented for the day. 
The first stop: Hurricane Ridge. No hiking involved woo!
Sub alpine and alpine conditions up here. 
These mountains are not particularly high, which is good for us. 
Quick handheld pano with the X100. 
The next challenge was to climb up Hurricane Hill. It's supposed to be an easy trail but not for those who barely exercise (a.k.a me and my friend May).  I thought that it was worth it though. May did not. 
Kinda hoping that I would see a mountain goat fight. 
Pretty awesome hike, one of the best I've done. 
As you can see, the walkway is paved and everything. 
Cool how these flowers can bloom up here. 
Ada found this hike quite easy. 
About halfway up. 
Conditions were pretty clear when we went up. I also saw a photographer and his assistant/couple? They were lugging a big load of photography equipment; no idea how they were able to do that. 
May is not impressed haha
Poor May. 
Conditions were pretty clear so far but things turn quickly up here. 
The mist and fog starts to roll in. Getting windier and windier...
...Makes for awesome photos though. 
We didn't really know where this trail ended so we called it a day here, as we reached this rock. 
Sadly, when we finally get to the top we couldn't see anything. 
Miss this place. 
I like how the grass was a golden hue. 
A hiker coming up the hills. 
Bought this patch at the park office. 
A rare picture of me. 
Goodbye Olympic National Park!

Unfortunately, we couldn't make it to HoH rainforest or any other place within the park. We had no time! A day trip is simply not enough. I also wanted to see the tidepools and beaches, but alas, it was not meant to be. We do go to Cape Flattery next though!



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