Sunday 22 March 2015


In Ubud, we went to the Ceking-Tegallalang rice fields. It was a rainy day, which may not be the best time to hike the rice fields...
At first, there are man-made steps to help you descend. 
Terraces are the most effective way to farm in hilly or mountainous terrains. Its design also makes irrigation more efficient. 
So the five of us descended down into the muddy terrace, and then we made our way up the closest "peak" of the terrace. 
Going up wasn't too bad...going down was another story. 
It was really slippery at points, especially going down. We were all wearing flip-flops/sandals. One of us even broke a sandal on the way down. 
I believe these have just been planted, or so it looks. 
We finally made it up to the top of the terrace. There is a hut there where locals sit; as they know you're a tourist, they'll ask for a payment in order to look around and take pictures. This guy in particular--I asked for his picture and said thanks, he demanded money right away. I doubt that he's even a rice farmer, lol. 
Doing some cleaning
Handheld panorama--a little bit distorted but you get the picture!



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