Saturday 21 March 2015

South Kuta

My Bali adventures take us to the South Kuta region. While we didn't have the time to explore all the beautiful beaches in this area, we did make time to visit AYANA Resort & Spa as well as Pandawa Beach. 
AYANA Resort & Spa is pretty beautiful, I will stay here one day. 
The wedding chapel in AYANA. 
Beautiful blue ocean. 
The lower half of the pool area. 
The view on the way down to the famous Rock Bar. 
The Rock Bar is pretty remarkable, it basically hangs over the ocean. Quite a lineup to get down here as they prioritize their hotel guests over visitors. 
The pool you saw from a few pictures before. 
The Rock Bar from above. 
And that's all from the AYANA resort. 
Pandawa Beach. We came during low tide so the beach wasn't the most picturesque. I still enjoyed it nonetheless. 
Unfortunately, the sunset was blocked my the cliffs. 
Some objects from the ocean. 
I miss fresh coconuts--wish they had coconut trees in Canada. 



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