Thursday 27 October 2016

Rulendanosh - Fall 2016

Hi all, I'd like to share with you the photos I took last weekend with Rudy, Elen, Josh and Daniel.

They are frequent flyers on this blog! They have their own website
Here are the details of the photoshoot:

Location: Rotary Park, Milton, ON
Gear: Canon EOS 6D, Sigma 35mm f/1.4, Canon 85mm f/1.8, 
Canon 580 EXII
Conditions: Sunny, cold, windy. 

To my surprise, the colours in the park were beautiful! It was very picturesque and many other photographers were there soaking up the beauty. 
Daniel is very cute. 
Josh has a candy in his mouth :P
Daniel is fascinated by the river. 
Daniel decided that he needed to walk around a bit. 
At this point, we decided to call it a day as it was too cold for the kids. Daniel's skin was reacting to something as well (either the cold weather or something else). From here we head back to Rudy & Elen's house. 
Daniel plays with the piano. 
Josh is colouring. 
Daniel is such a happy kid. 
He's a curious boy for sure. 
Josh playing with his space shuttle. 
I like these kinds of shots as they show the reality of family life. 
Daniel found the snack cupboard and stole the cereal box. 
Notice that Josh is hiding behind the counter. 
Elen gets Daniel ready to head out for lunch. 
Rudy puts socks on Daniel. Daniel does not like socks. 

Taking pictures of kids can be challenging but well worth it! Thanks to Rudy & Elen for calling me up to take so many of their family photos. I appreciate the opportunity :) 

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I appreciate your feedback so I can improve as a photographer. Please don't hesitate to share your comments. 



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