Thursday 7 August 2014


Hello there. I am back with some more photos :) This time, I shot some family photography for my good friends Rudy, Elen and Josh (thus the title "Rulenosh"). They are frequent flyers in this blog--I shot their casual engagement photos and their Jack n' Jill at the beach This time, they have a new--and very adorable--blessing...their one year-old boy Joshua! 

I haven't been shooting a lot ever since I started working two casual jobs as an x-ray technologist. My schedule for the summer has been so packed but I had a day where I could squeeze in a shoot for them. It was a perfect day to shoot--nice light and great weather too. The location we agreed on was Gairloch Gardens in Oakville, Ontario. Many people shoot portraits and weddings here and soon you'll see why. I shot all the photos here with the Canon 40D and Sigma 30mm f/1.4. 
I have never formally photographed babies/toddlers. It was actually very fun and challenging at the same time.
Hehe, like father like son :)
I shot mostly from ground level because babies are super small and their eye level is up to my knee. 
As you probably have guessed, it is hard to tell toddlers to look at the camera. It was even harder to make Josh laugh. I was waving some car keys in my hands and it probably only worked once for five seconds. But when he does laugh...shoot and shoot away :)
Joshy is a very active little guy. He likes to walk around everywhere, especially while holding his stroller. Thus, we had to hide the stroller where he could not see because he would instantly start going towards it. 
Josh also did not like to get picked up when he was walking around but he was fascinated by the leaves for a fleeting moment. When you shoot toddlers you really realize what "capturing the moment" means. 
Woohoo he looked at the camera! In this photo he is chewing on a wallet.
I really liked the lighting in this shot. 
Look at all that cute chubbyness.
This is probably the shot of the night. All three of them are there and Josh is smiling at the camera, yes!
Awe, look at the precious smile. 
Joshy and his mommy having a good time. I think he is laughing at Rudy--he was behind me trying to make him laugh. 
It's hard to predict when Josh will pop a smile so I snapped this one quickly--too bad passerby's were in the background. 
Joshy curiously observing the flowers. He also likes kale because it bounces up and down when you hit it. 
Josh really loved walking on this bridge--he would go across and turn back to cross it again. 
Josh disliked sitting down for too long so here we occupied him with some delicious Cheerios. 
Joshy on a bench all by himself while Rudy and Elen entertained him behind the camera. 
He was looking at some seagulls that flew over towards his right. 
 Chubby cheek-ness. 
I really liked this shot! But too bad my autofocus couldn't keep up with the swing. 
Here Joshy is walking up some steps while holding a pine cone. 
He really does like that pine cone. 
The light was becoming dimmer at this time. Joshy and Rudy are looking at the seagulls and geese. 
I intentionally overexposed the background for this one.
Woohoo he looked directly at the camera!
Having a cute moment with his daddy :)
Joshy laughing it up with his mommy and daddy. 
Joshy putting his finger inside a water tap. 
That's it! A challenging but very rewarding shoot it was! I certainly learned a lot of valuable shooting skills. I also had tons of fun and a great workout from running around chasing a smile from Joshy. Rudy and Elen have their own awesome blog too! I will be going camping next week so stay tuned for those photos. 



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