Wednesday 3 July 2013

Quick Update: Early Summer Lovin'

 Heyoo, I haven't updated for a long time. What's going on with me right now? I have 12 weeks of summerschool starting in May and ending in July. Thus, I've been pretty occupied with things. Here are some photos I took between May and July.
 The flowers in my backyard were blooming pretty nicely. Here's my mom enjoying the view. 
 I think we have 3 different lilacs in our backyard. 
 My dad watering the garden. 
 I think our backyard looks the best during late spring. After that, the colours start to disappear and everything is just green. 
 Of course, summer means longer and more beautiful golden hours every day!
 Beautiful blooms on my neighbour's property. 
 The view from my front porch. 
 Exciting news! My parents bought me a ukulele when they went back to Indonesia. I thought that they would have more choices there, but I was wrong. My parents went to the biggest music store in Jakarta and there were very few ukuleles. I really wanted one with a wood finish, preferably a concert size because I have big hands. But I ended up settling with this one since I'm just starting out anyways. 
I named the ukulele "Lilo." She's a Pineapple Ukulele made by Mahalo (Mahalo U320P). It's a soprano size, costed about $40. It's made of mahogany--not sure if it's solid mahogany all the way through, or just the outside. It sounds okay, the intonation could be better.  Here my little brother is modelling it with the only chord he can play, the C chord xD. 
 For the price it's pretty good. The bridge is a little high though, and it was very difficult to tune the first time I played with it. I had to tighten the tuning screws a little to get the tension to stay. 
 In Mississauga, the Bread and Honey Festival runs annually on the first weekend of June. I don't usually go, but I wanted to try out the food trucks. We were also supposed to get free honey on bread but they didn't have it the day we went--huge disappointment. 
My little brother got Buster's Sea Cove's fish tacos ($8). It was really, really good.
 This is Hogtown Smoke's beef brisket sandwich. I don't remember how much I got it for though, but it wasn't bad. Not enough spice for my liking though. We also ordered Hogtown's poutine and grilled cheese sandwich--both quite good. That was it for the Bread & Honey festival as it started to pour and we jetted out of there quick. 
 So my little brother graduated from grade 8 this year. He won the highest academic achievement award for having the highest average in his graduating class. Very proud of the kid! Here's his teacher congratulating him. 
 We were bored, so some levitation photography attempts ensued after the ceremony. 
 Can't believe he's going to highschool already. They grow up too fast :'(

That's all. Sorry for the lack of pictures. This semester of summer school is quite heavy. Once I'm done, I will have no more courses to take and it's off to clinical for a full year (and then, graduation! woohoo). 

After summer school I should be going out a little more. I'm going to Killbear Provincial Park at the end of August for camping, so that should be exciting! 



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