Saturday 4 April 2015

Tony & Clarissa - S'Winter

Hello again! Here's the third installment of Tony & Clarissa's engagement photoshoots. We aim to have one every season and this one is our "S'winter" version.  
So we were supposed to have a winter photoshoot but by the time I came back from my three-week Indonesia vacation it was already March. Naturally, the spring melt was underway and we were left with leftover snow and puddles. Thus the name "S'winter" as this photoshoot was taken at the end of winter and the beginning of spring.  
The location was Gairloch Gardens. In this shot, you can't even tell that it is winter (lol). 
Initially, I had big doubts about this shoot because of the lack of snow. However, as we progressed through the shoot I found myself finding different and unique angles than what I was used to.  
 As a result, this shoot had a more "artistic" feel to it compared to my usual style. 
The pose for this was suggested by Tony's best man, Ryan, who accompanied us on the shoot. 
I also noticed that I favor shooting my subjects on the right side of the frame (lol).  
 This shot has been done so many times but I love it regardless. 
Here you can see how much the snow had melted. 
But then...we found a patch of snow!
Clarissa's makeup by Jilly
 No photos please, we're having a moment here :P
 Overall, I had a great time with these two!
Til' the next and last photoshoot!

I'd like to thank Tony & Clarissa for letting me photograph them. I can really see the progress I'm making through these shoots. It is also fun to see the two of them becoming more and more comfortable in front of the lens. A special thanks to Ryan P and Mikha M who was there behind the scenes to help carry gear + help me pose the couple!



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