Wednesday 15 October 2014

These Four Walls

Hello there. The season is changing and melancholy is in the air. 
This is going to be a different kind of post. I just wanted to show you that my life isn't exciting all the time. I don't travel every month (though I wish I could). This is not meant to be depressive or anything. I'm just trying to figure things out just like everybody else--this is about the life lived ordinarily. 

Not everyone has the privilege or time to travel right now--this includes me. This picture accurate portrays what I do during my days off. Sleep, browse, vegetate, just living. It is a little terrifying that I seem to be wasting my days away. 
What is your goal? In fact, our goals change all the time. Perhaps we're not making the right goals because they never seem to stand the test of time. At the end of the day, what do you wish to accomplish? Heck I wish I knew. 
When we are at school, our goal is to finish school. When we're working our jobs our goal is to make it to the next day off.  
I hope I'm not having a quarter-life crisis because I'm not even 25 yet. I think I'm just bored of suburbia and living in such an uninspiring place.
The ceiling I wake up to everyday. 
 I'm trying to live a more creative life but it's hard when this is what you sleep and wake up to. 
 Living in the suburbs can really suck the life out of ya, believe me. 
Seeing as I don't drive yet I can't even go out and shoot whenever I feel like it. I don't go out and have drinks or see my friends that often. They're all working or studying and have their own life to tend to. Get a boyfriend? It is not that easy my friends--I don't even feel like I'm prepared to open myself up to someone that much. 
 I'm just waiting for that revival to come. Or maybe I should go and make it happen. 
How do you deal with your four walls? 



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