Thursday 1 May 2014

New York City: Part 2

Read Part 1 first! 
 In part two we continue to explore Manhattan. We started the day early, at 7:30 am to get ready for Sunday mass and we ended quite late at Times Square.

It was a very tiring day of walking, almost 14 hours straight. My feet and shoulder killed--even now my legs are still sore.
 We came to the 9 am mass at the cathedral. Unbeknownst to us, the cathedral was undergoing some MAJOR renovations. Basically, there was scaffolding everywhere, inside and outside. While we couldn't revel in the beauty of the church, the service was great--the pipe organ resonating throughout the church was out of this world. 
Atlas statue outside the Rockefeller.  
Amen to that! 
  First time taking the NY subway. Quite a different system compared to Toronto and understandably more complicated. The fare is $2.50 and they use a card system instead of tokens. 
Uniqlo flagship store in SoHo. Holy, it was massive.  
Little Italy! I was definitely looking forward to eating some yummy sweets. I will write about all the places we ate at on a separate post!
Cute graffiti art.  
This stood out to me from all the other storefronts. Nice revolver sign.  
 Beautiful blossoms and tulips on the way to Washington Square. 
I would tell you the street this was on but I seriously cannot remember.  
 There aren't even any leaves on the trees up here in Ontario. What a bummer. 
Entering Washington Square Park--suc a lovely place, especially in the spring. 
Men playing chess in Washington Square Park. I would've joined them if I had more time!  
Washington Square was one of my favourite places in NYC. Such an amazing, festive, positive atmosphere. I believe NY University is right around this area--how lucky it must be to be a student there. 
It's a good place to de-stress--just walking around here will make you smile.  
The famous arch in Washington Square. 
Colin Huggins sets up a grand piano (somehow) under the arch and plays amazing pieces there.  
Not sure why this guy does this but there was another person beside him giving information about pigeons to the public. What I got from it was that pigeons weren't naturally wild but became wild because over the years, people have released their pets.  
He was cool.  
There were so many of these pigeons throughout NYC.  
I like this idea.  
The creativity of humans never cease to amaze me. 
Chess Forum is a store specializing in...well...chess. There were some pretty beautiful sets here.  
Look at all those! 
A chess player's paradise. My little brother would have stayed in this store forever.  
En route to the Brooklyn Bridge. There were a lot of vendors selling goods like these.  
Obligatory shot of the bridge. Everybody that comes here takes this shot.  
The Empire State building as seen from the bridge.  
Obligatory Grand Central Station shot.  
It was quite dark in there but the ceilings were really cool.  I just laid my camera on the ground to take this shot. 
Grand Central Station from the outside.  
It was golden hour now! Prime time for photo taking. Here's the Chrysler building.  
 It was difficult getting this shot with a Joby Gorillapod because it was so short. I think I ended up putting the tripod on a flower pot to get this shot. It was also super crowded with tourists everywhere. 
Cityscapes taken in blue hour always look the best. It is a huge taxi circus in Times Square, probably more than anywhere else in NY. 
This was roughly the route we took. It was probably our longest day so far. 

To be continued in Part 3!


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