Saturday 14 December 2013

A Very Brief Post About Snow

I haven't updated since October, so here's a tiny update. I tend to slow down on photography in the winter months because it's so dreary...except for when it snows. A snowstorm arrived and it threw a busload of snow at us thus...the perfect opportunity to get back at photography!
I took this from the car with my Nexus 4. It was absolutely gorgeous out there. 
I always wanted to try this strobist setup. I used a LumoPro flash as the backlight (set at 1/2 power I believe). Then I used the 580EXII + a Lumiquest Softbox III on the 40D as the master (set at 1/128 power). It was really hard to focus since my hands were getting numb but this one turned out pretty sharp. 
The flash head shows a little too much on this one + the focus is a teeny bit off, but it was taken by my little brother so it's forgivable :D 

I hope everyone stayed safe during the storm! Apparently there was a collision on the roads every two minutes. You should definitely try to shoot some photos out there if you can but stay safe! 



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