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Camping in Algonquin P. P.

Annual camping trip time! This year, we go to Algonquin Provincial Park - Mew Lake Campground. 
Our site is 122, by the shallower part of the lake. Sorry, but I forgot to take photos of the site. It is also close to the highway making it extremely noisy :( Despite this, I had a great time fishing, canoeing and taking photos. The weather was perfect too!
Tied down a canoe on top of our car for the first time. If you are going camping on a long weekend, make sure to book ahead of time so that they can deliver the canoe to your campsite instead. We left the house at around 2 pm and arrived at the campsite around 6:30 pm. 
By the time we set up the tents and ate, it was night time. No moon anywhere in sight--perfect conditions for stargazing. Truly amazing!
I've never seen the Milky Way this clear! 
Tried a star trail photo for the first time. Bulb mode, approximately 500 seconds. 
I didn't edit these photos very much. I did, however, use a new lens! The Rokinon 14mm 2.8. It's a fantastic lens for the price--serves its purpose quite well. 
Stitched 8 photos to make this. I had to use the warp tool to straighten the horizon though, it was a little tricky!
Above our campsite!
Composition sucks in this picture. but you get the idea. 
Sourdough bread for breakfast. 
Grillin' the bread on the fire. 
It was a very cold night. 
A cool little smallie that I caught. 
Pretty yellow water lily. 
A ton of these on the lake.
We tied down the canoes onto our cars again and headed over to Whitefish Lake to do some fishing. 
Beautiful evening on the lake. 
Little brother caught a decent rock bass. 
Sunset. Reminded me of a Monet painting. 
Mirror Mirror. 
The driver. 
End of the second day!
Canoe #1
Canoe #2
Noob fisherman here -- this was my personal best rock bass! You gotta admit, it was pretty big for the species. 
Closeup of the beauty. 
A red squirrel wakes up from its nap. 

Overall, Algonquin P. P. did not disappoint. However, I would not stay on Mew Lake again (at least not in the same site) as the lake was quite small and the campsites can be noisy. Our campsite was also pretty far from the washrooms. The beautiful night sky and somewhat successful fishing made up for it though!
Overall experience 8.5/10.